Postponed until further notice – SUNDAY 29TH AUGUST

Venue:    Shawn Miller’s Property on Beaconsfield Rd, South end of Timaru. Will be sign posted at the corner of SH1 and Beaconsfield Rd.

Scrutineering:     9am – 10am

Drivers Briefing: 10am

Racing: 10.15am

PLEASE help us to keep true to our times, if you’re going to be late for scrutineering please let a Committee member know.

Entry Fee: $20.00 is per family residing at the same address, (would be appreciated if you could have the correct money)

Day Subs $10.00 plus entry fee, (per family residing at same address) if you are a non-financial member

NO DOGS are permitted on the farmers property, please spread the word to 
family and friends, that their fur babies need to stay home.
Please don’t be offended.

Please see the August Newsletter for more information  and follow our Facebook page for event updates and photos.

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