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Jan 15th, 2018

Next Club Day

Sunday, 28th January 2018 at Blair Cartwright’s property , Cartwright’s Road, Timaru – the actual paddock is still to be confirmed but will be signposted from the corner of State Highway 8 (Pleasant Point Highway) and Cartwright’s Road. This is the same property where we have previously hosted NZ Champs and Club race days

Please no dogs and remember to clean up after yourselves and respect this property.

Scrutineering is at 10:00am – 10:30 followed by drivers briefing.  Please bring karts to the sign in table and form 2 lines for karts to be scrutineered.  Please wait with your kart then sign in.

Can we please have clean karts for scrutineering.  Numbers must be on all four sides of the kart and be clearly readable, black on white or white on black.  No numbers, no points.


Up Coming Events

South Canterbury Family Kart Club Championships

25th February 2018 – venue to be confirmed

Entry forms are now available with entries closing on the 18th February 2018.  The Championships are for financial SC Club members only who must have raced a minimum of two club days to be eligible to enter

A lengthy discussion was held at our AGM in May 2017 regarding Club champs as to how many races should be held for each Grade and also which is the best/fairest count back system to determine a Championship winner in the event of a joint winner/place getter.   The options suggested below were voted on and the 2017/2018 Club Championships will be based on option D


  1. A) 3 Races for each Grade and in the event of a joint winner/placing then count back as per NZ Rules
  2. B) 3 Races for each Grade and in the event of a joint winner/placing then a “run off” to be held     between those karters
  3. C) 6 Races for each Grade
  4. D) 3 qualifying races to determine grid positions for a final one off race to determine the Club Champion for each Grade.  The 3 qualifying races will have pre-determined drawn grid positions   and points awarded with the highest points then qualifying for front grid positions in the final race


The other change is that the monthly points race is a separate series and these accumulated points will not be included in the Club Champs points therefore our last points race of the series is this next race meeting on the 28th January

There will be NO BBQ running at lunchtime so please ensure you bring your lunch

At the conclusion of racing there will be a presentation and BBQ with food supplied

For those who currently have Club champs trophies please ensure they are returned prior to the 25th February


2018 NZ Grass Kart Champs

31st March / 1st April  –  Edmunds Road, Ohoka

Scrutineering – there are two options

Fri, 30th March    4.00pm – 6.00pm Mimico, Pilkington Way, Wigram, Christchurch

Sat, 31st March    8.00am – 9.00am  Race venue – Edmunds Road, Ohoka

The Prize Giving Function will be held on the Sunday evening at the Kaiapoi Working Men’s Club, 113 Raven Street, Kaiapoi beginning at 7.00pm with a light supper being served at 8.00pm followed by the prize giving

Entries close on the 25th February with the Christchurch committee therefore I must receive your entry along with your entry fee by Sunday, 18th February to enable time for me to check them and then post to Christchurch

As more details come to hand regarding the NZ Champs I will let you know



The BBQ will be running during the lunch break with sausage/bread/onions for $2.00 and also have small bottles of fizzy drink for $1.00



If you know of anyone who has a paddock available for the Club to race on please let one of the Committee know as it’s greatly appreciated to have new venues to race at.



These will be published to our website www.sckartclub.co.nz and shared on our Facebook page South Canterbury Family Grass Kart Club. Please check out our website for news and race dates.

A big thanks to all our volunteers that help out leading up to and on our club days, your help is greatly appreciated.






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