August 2017 News

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Aug 22nd, 2017

Next Club Day

Sunday, 27th August 2017 at Newton’s Property on Connolly Road, Seadown – will be signposted
from Dominion Road on State Highway 1. For those travelling North Dominion Road is on the right
after travelling through Seadown and for those travelling South is the first road on the left once
through the first set of passing lanes after Temuka.
In the event of cancellation due to the weather this will be on our Facebook page by 8.00am and
will also be on our local radio station Port FM
Please no dogs and remember to clean up after yourselves and respect the farmers property.
Scrutineering is at 10:00am – 10:30 followed by drivers briefing. Please bring karts to the sign in
table and form 2 lines for karts to be scrutineered. Please wait with your kart then sign in.
Can we please have clean karts for scrutineering. Numbers must be on all four sides of the kart
and be clearly readable, black on white or white on black. No numbers, no points.

One of the discussions at the AGM was to enforce the Club rules especially in relation to
scrutineering to ensure karts comply with the rules – this is safety not only for you the driver but
for other karters as well. If your kart fails at scrutineering it will be noted in our log book and you
will be given one month to bring your kart up to standard or until you attend your next race
meeting. If your kart fails again for the same reason you will not be allowed to race.
A couple of entries are already in the notebook and you were spoken to at the time – please
ensure you rectify these problems or you will not be allowed to race

Upcoming Events

Change in racing weekends for September and October
As you are all aware the South Canterbury Family Kart Club races the fourth Sunday of every
month (weather permitting) and due to South Canterbury Anniversary Weekend and Labour Weekend falling on our intended race meeting dates we have decided to push each of these
meetings out by one week to enable you all to make the most of a long weekend therefore the
new dates will be as per below
Was Sunday, 24th September 2017 Now Sunday, 1st October 2017
Was Sunday, 22nd October 2017 Now Sunday, 29th October 2017

November race meeting
The proposed race meeting for 26th November will again be the sealed event at the Oamaru
Airport but this is subject to availability – we will keep you posted

Points Race
Our points system which was adopted last season will remain the same with 2 points received for
entry and then race points based on how many entries received for each grade.
You must be a full financial club member to participate in the points race and collect points.

Subs are now due for the 2017 / 2018 season which is $50.00 per family residing at the same

These can either be paid by cash/cheque on race day or by Internet banking direct into the Clubs
account – 03 0839 0087789 00 – please ensure you quote your name and kart number and “subs”
as reference details
We still require you to fill in the Membership Form which is attached with this newsletter and also
available at race meetings.

With such a fantastic turnout of karters over the last few months race meetings now is a timely
reminder to ensure you are familiar with the rules so I have randomly selected a couple from the
NZ Champs Rule book and I will continue to do this over the next few months and add to the
I have copies available of our Club rules at our race meetings, if you would like a copy then come
and see me

Rule 5. Bumpers
Must not exceed the rear wheel and rim total width
Must have rounded corners and be adequately constructed
Can be flush to the outside of the rear wheels but no less than 50mm inside of that line
Must be a minimum of 100mm deep and vertically up and down (90 degree to the ground) and
have at least two vertical bars fitted
Front bumper must not exceed the inside turning line of either front tyre and have at least two
vertical bars fitted

Rule 10. Numbers
Must be mounted Front, Back and both sides
Minimum character size 150mm x 65mm
Numbers can be either black number on white of white numbers on black
Must be cleaned prior to each race

Numbers must read horizontally
Must adhere to the three digit format, with the club number being the leading digit
Class winners can use a yellow number plate up to and including next year’s Championship

Rule 21. Abuse
Anybody abusing an official or other competitor will be disqualified from All Racing – this includes
your pit crew and guests

The BBQ will be running during the lunch break with sausage/bread/onions for $2.00 and also
have small bottles of fizzy drink for $1.00

These will be published to our website and shared on our Facebook page
South Canterbury Family Grass Kart Club. Please check out our website for news and race dates.
A big thanks to all our volunteers that help out leading up to and on our club days, your help is
greatly appreciated.
See you all at our next race meeting