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Jun 17th, 2017

Next Club Day

Sunday, 25th June 2017 at David Irving’s property, Mt Nessing Road, Albury – will be signposted from the corner of State Highway 8 and Mt Nessing Road, Albury. For those of you who may remember this will be at the same paddock we raced on back in October 2016 – near his house with a small hill built into the track.

Please no dogs and remember to clean up after yourselves and respect the farmers property.

Scrutineering is at 10:00am – 10:30 followed by drivers briefing. Please bring karts to the sign in table and form 2 lines for karts to be scrutineered. Please wait with your kart then sign in. Can we please have clean karts for scrutineering. Numbers must be on all four sides of the kart and be clearly readable, black on white or white on black. No numbers, no points.



We recently held our Club’s AGM and there have only been a couple of changes to the committee

– if you have any questions, ideas or concerns please talk to any of our friendly team

President: Shaun Clark

Vice President: Gareth Welch

Treasurer: Richard Brown

Secretary: Angela Rae

Committee: Arron Campbell, Jason Todd, Jerard Trumper, Darren Rae, Debbie Brown,

Glen Cottle, Brad Rae and Pete Connor


Scrutineering: One of the discussions at the AGM was to enforce the Club rules especially in relation to scrutineering to ensure karts comply with the rules – this is safety not only for you the driver but for other karters as well. If your kart fails at scrutineering it will be noted in our log book and you will be given one month to bring your kart up to standard or until you attend your next race meeting. If your kart fails again for the same reason you will not be allowed to race.


Club Champs: A lengthy discussion was held regarding Club Champs as to how many races should be held for each Grade and also which is the best/fairest countback system to determine a Championship winner in the event of a joint winner/place getter. The options suggested below were voted on and the 2017/2018 Club Championships will be based on option D

A) 3 Races for each Grade and in the event of a joint winner/placing then countback as per NZ Rules

B) 3 Races for each Grade and in the event of a joint winner/placing then a “run off” to be held between those karters

C) 6 Races for each Grade

D) 3 qualifying races to determine grid positions for a final one off race to determine the Club Champion for each Grade


Points Race: Our points system which was adopted last season will remain the same with 2 points received for entry and then race points based on how many entries received for each grade.

The only changes will be that the monthly points race will be a separate series and these accumulated points will not be included in the Club Champs points. Also you must be a full financial club member to participate in this race and collect points.



With such a fantastic turnout of 48 karters at last month’s race meeting now is a timely reminder to ensure you are familiar with the rules so I have randomly selected a couple from the NZ Champs Rule book and I will continue to do this over the next few months and add to the newsletter. Both the NZ Champs Rules and the SC Family Kart Rules are available to view and print from our website and I also have copies available of our Club rules at our race meetings – if you would like a copy then come and see me.

Rule 16 – Flags – Flag marshals must be obeyed at all times

GREEN (flag held and dropped) = Go

RED Danger, race over, slow down to a stop until further instructions

YELLOW = Caution, SLOW DOWN, hold position until you have passed hazard. NO OVERTAKING.

BLACK (flag rolled and presented toward you specifically) Warning of an offence. See the Head

Marshal at the end of the race

BLACK (flag waved at you specifically) = Must stop immediately. Further action to be decided by

the Head Marshal.

WHITE = Last lap. One further lap to complete to end of race.

CHEQUERED = Winning Flag (if you’re first). Finish of race.

Hand signals

Always raise a hand to indicate if you are leaving the track. If you spin out raise one hand to warn other drivers, if you are stuck or can’t get going again raise two hands to signal you need help, get your kart off the track as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Rule 20 – Driving – Deliberate barging, shunting, weaving or team driving will receive an automatic points deduction from that race at the discretion of the Head Marshal. All overtaking should be completed without deliberate contact.


Subs are now due for the 2017 / 2018 season which is $50.00 per family residing at the same address ($40.00 if paid by 30th June 2017). These can either be paid by cash/cheque on race day or by Internet banking direct into the Clubs account – 03 0839 0087789 00 – please ensure you quote your name and kart number and “subs”as reference details.

We still require you to fill in the Membership Form which is attached with this newsletter and also available at race meetings.


The BBQ will be running during the lunch break with sausage/bread/onions for $2.00 and also we have small bottles of fizzy drink for $1.00.


These will be published to our website www.sckartclub.co.nz and shared on our Facebook page South Canterbury Family Grass Kart Club. Please check out our website for news and race dates.

A big thanks to all our volunteers that help out leading up to and on our club days, your help is greatly appreciated.

See you all at our next race meeting


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