November 2016 News

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Nov 14th, 2016

Next Club Day

Sunday, 27th November 2016 at Oamaru Airport, Robertson Road, Waitaki Bridge off State Highway 1. Robertson Road is North of Oamaru and will be signposted off State Highway 1.

This is our sealed event for the season therefore slick tyres only and all karts must be fitted with a catch bottle for fuel.

Entries close 20th November – please see attached entry form for details. Late entries will be accepted but there will be an extra fee. oamaru-sealed-event-entry-form

There will be NO BBQ running at lunchtime so please ensure you bring your lunch. At the conclusion of racing there will be a presentation and BBQ with food supplied at the North Otago Hotel on State Highway 1.

If wet this event will be postponed to the following Sunday, 4th December 2016

Please bring no dogs and remember to clean up after yourselves and respect this property. Scrutineering is at 10:00am – 10:30 followed by drivers briefing. Please bring karts to the sign in table and form 2 lines for karts to be scrutineered. Please wait with your kart then sign in. Can we please have clean karts for scrutineering. Numbers must be on all four sides of the kart and be clearly readable, black on white or white on black. No numbers, no points.


A reminder on the meanings of all the different flag colours/actions

GREEN (flag held and dropped) = Go

RED Danger, race over, slow down to a stop until further instructions

YELLOW = Caution, SLOW DOWN, hold position until you have passed hazard. NO OVERTAKING.

BLACK (flag rolled and presented toward you specifically) Warning of an offence. See the Head

Marshal at the end of the race

BLACK (flag waved at you specifically) = Must stop immediately. Further action to be decided by

the Head Marshal.

WHITE = Last lap. One further lap to complete to end of race.

CHEQUERED = Winning Flag (if you’re first). Finish of race.


Hand signals – please ensure you always use your hand signals

Always raise a hand to indicate if you are leaving the track. If you spin out raise one hand to warn other drivers, if you are stuck or can’t get going again raise two hands to signal you need help, get your kart off the track as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Upcoming Events

20th November 2016

– Hinds Tarmac event – scrutineering 9.30 am

15th – 16th of April 2017

– NZ Grass Kart Champs

The race venue will be Geoffrey Finch’s property just north of Milton on the Milburn straight State Highway 1 (the same place as last time when held at Milton) Scrutineering – there will be three options, Friday, 14th April (evening): McClay Boats in Milton and the Mitre 10 Car Park in Mosgiel. Saturday morning: First thing at the track.

The Prize Giving Function will be held on the Sunday evening at the Forbury Sports Bar & Function Centre on Victoria Road in South Dunedin

As more details come to hand regarding regarding the NZ Champs I will let you know

Return of trophies

For those who are currently holding trophies from the 2015 Hill Climb event can they please be returned at the next race meeting.


If you know of anyone who has a paddock available for the Club to race on please let one of the

Committee know as it’s greatly appreciated to have new venues to race at.

Race weekend on the West Coast

Some years ago a group of keen karters made a weekend trip Greymouth on the West Coast for racing on a sealed track and it has been suggested for those who are interested in a weekend away we get a group together and head over again. This is not taking the place of our normal monthly meeting but just to have a fun weekend away.

Club shirts – we have extended this through until the 4th December

Two styles available either a green and black polo shirt with the Club’s logo on the front and the website details embroided on the shoulders across the back or a plain black T-shirt again with the Club’s logo on the front and website on the back. An option at an additional cost to you is to have your kart number printed on the sleeve or back. The prices are listed below and we will have an order form at the sign in table if you are interested in purchasingand have samples for you to view as well.

These shirts are produced by XCM Group in Timaru and are available in all sizes and also in ladies style/shape

Polo shirt $35.00

T-shirt $20.00

35 mm number on sleeve $ 6.00

120 mm number on back $12.00


These will be published to our website and shared on our Facebook page South Canterbury Family Grass Kart Club. Please check out our website for news and race dates. A big thanks to all our volunteers that help out leading up to and on our club days, your help is greatly appreciated.

See you all at our next race meeting